De la coarticulación a la armonía vocálica en valenciano (e-paper)

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De la coarticulación a la armonía vocálica en valenciano
Ricard Herrero & Jesús Jiménez
Universitat Catòlica de València; Universitat de València
It is claimed that vowel harmony generally issues from phonologization of previous coarticulatory effects among adjacent vowels. The aim of this paper is to describe two Northern Valencian varieties which seem to respond to two stages in the consolidation of vowel harmony. On the one hand, the variety of Nules displays high degrees of coarticulation between stressed /ɔ/ and a posttonic low vowel, but only shows total leveling of features in an especially asymmetric context, i.e., when the low vowel appears in posttonic internal position. On the other hand, in the variety of Borriana, a low vowel totally assimilates to preceding stressed /ɔ/, except if the triggering and target vowels are separated by a morphological word boundary; across words, strong coarticulatory effects, similar to those found in Nules, are attested.
In: Sánchez Miret, Fernando & Daniel Recasens (eds.). 2013. Studies in phonetics, phonology and sound change in Romance. ISBN 9783862884452[3]: 43-63. (pdf e-paper)
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