LINGram 153: Mackey’s Grammar of the Benga-Bantu Language

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Mackey’s Grammar of the Benga-Bantu Language

Revised by R.H. Nassau

Recognizing that the task assigned to me by the mission was a revision, and not a new book, I have followed the order of the parts of speech as arranged in Mr. Mackey’s grammar (“A Grammar of the Benga Language”). But on many points I have made additions, enlarging and illustrating it. There are some alterations, but few corrections. The chief additions have been to the Noun and the Verb: to the latter of which a correction is made in the form taken as typical of the Passive Voice. The effort is made also to have the orthography consistent, by recognizing and calling into use the vocal coalescences so prominent in the Bantu languages.

Contents: Orthography (vowels, diph-thongs, consonants, contractions). Ety-mology: Nouns (number, classification, gender, case, 8 classes). Adjectives (Com-parison, numeral adjectives). Pronouns, Verbs (voices, moods, tones, aspects). Passive Voice. Prepositions. Conjunctions. Interrogation.

Originally published by the American Tract Society, New York, 1892.

ISBN 9783862881901. LINCOM Gramatica 153. 108 pp. 2015.

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