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LSLA 12: Bilingualism and Education

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Bilingualism and Education

From the Family to the School

Xoán Paulo Rodríguez-Yáñez, Anxo M. Lorenzo Suárez & Fernando Ramallo (eds.)
Universidade de Vigo

This volume (whose title reflects the central theme of the Second University of Vigo International Symposium on Bilingualism, held in Vigo, Spain, in October 2002) deals with the relations between bilingualism and education through three major approaches, preceded by way of introduction by five texts of well-known authors in this field of study (Part One). The first of these perspectives (Part two: Bilingual socialization in the family) undertakes the processes of constitution of the bilingual child, through the child linguistic socialization within the family. This is an approach that in few occasions has been related with the necessary depth, as we aspire to do in this book, to bilingualism in the formal educative and school domains. The second of these perspectives (Part Three: Plurilingualism in education) takes on the specific problems of bilingualism in the international institutional educative domain, with proposals of innovative models on multilingual/plurilingual education, reconsider-ations on the role of plurilingual education in the maintenance of languages, as well as on the scope that these initiatives can have in their social environment. Finally, the third perspective (Part Four: Bilingualism and education in contemporary Spain) discusses the status of the languages in the educative systems of different Spanish communities.

As a summary, the bilingual socialization processes in the family and at school are an inseparable whole, and this is the general intention that motivates the authors in presenting this volume.



Joshua A. Fishman: A sociology of bilingualism: From home to school and back again

Ana Celia Zentella: Conducting language socialization research among U.S. Latin@ bilinguals: Premises, promises, and pitfalls

Elizabeth Lanza : Language socialization of infant bilingual children in the family: Quo vadis?

Marilyn Martin-Jones : The development and consolidation of critical, interpretive approaches to language in bilingual education practice

Miquel Siguan: The future of languages in a globalized world


Editor: Gabrielle Varro, Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique, CNRS, France73

Gabrielle Varro: "Acquired knowledge" and "Burning questions" about family bilingualism: a new vernacular?

Christine Deprez: Family languages in France: first results of a demolinguistic survey

Sirkku Latomaa: Multilingualism in Finland: Past and present

Silvia Romeo: Interaction and argumentative strategies in the family, as mediated by Italian-French bilingualism

Héléna Correia Labaye: Bilinguality and the inter-generational transmission of languages

Maria-Jose Azurmendi and Maria-Llanos Luque: Early acquisition-learning of Euskara (at age 2-4) and interdependence between general psychological development, family and school.

Hristo Kyuchukov: The bilingual socialization of Roma children in Bulgaria

Dieter W. Halwachs: The use of Romani in Roma Households


Editor: F. Xavier Vila i Moreno, Univ. Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Peter Plüddemann: Bilingual schooling in post-apartheid South Africa

Elizabeth R. Howard: Two-Way Immersion education: An integrated approach to bilingual education in the United States

Roland Willemyns & Helga Bister-Broosen: Bilingual Education in Alsace

F. Xavier Vila i Moreno, Santi Vial i Rius & Mireia Galindo: Language practices in bilingual schools: Some observed, quantitative data from Catalonia


Editor: Angel Huguet Canalis, Univ. de Lleida, Catalunya, Spain

Ignasi Vila: Actualidad y perspectivas de la educación bilingüe en el Estado español

Bieito Silva Valdivia: A lingua galega no sistema educativo de Galicia

José Romay Martínez & Susana Iglesias Antelo: Lengua y vitalidad etnolingüística en Galicia

Xosé Antón González Riaño: El tratamiento de las lenguas en Asturies

Ángel Huguet Canalis y Conxita Vendrell Serés: El tratamiento de las lenguas en Aragón

José Mª Madariaga Orbea: El tratamiento de las lenguas en Euskadi

Pablo Sotés & Nekane Oroz: El tratamiento de las lenguas en Navarra

ISBN 9783895867354. LINCOM Studies in Language Acquisition 12. 580pp. 2005.

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