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LLC 08: An Introduction to Welsh

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An Introduction to Welsh

Phylip Brake
University of Wales, Aberystwyth

The course is envisaged being used in the classroom or by individual students in their own time.

The course will begin with an explanation of Welsh pronunciation, for students working without a tutor. For those whose first language isn't English, the IPA alphabet will be employed throughout the course.

The course will be divided into 12 units. Each unit will contain: a communicative objective; grammatical explanations; exercises to practise the grammatical points covered; vocabulary; a dialogue which will put the language covered in the unit in a more meaningful context.

Unit 1 will deal with: meeting someone for the first time; mutations, the definite article, gender, forming noun-plurals, identification sentences. Unit 2 will deal with: exchanging personal details; the present tense of the verb 'bod' (to be); adjectives; the weather; indefinite nouns. Unit 3 will deal with: giving directions; locative adverbs; the present relative form of 'bod'; prefixed pronouns; the nominative clause; the emphatic nominative clause; numerals; particles of speech followed by 'bod'. Unit 4 will deal with: going shopping; independent and affixed pronouns; conjugated prepositions; genitive noun phrases; denoting possession. Unit 5 will deal with: talking about what one used to do; the past and imperfect tenses of 'bod'; the pluperfect; relative forms of 'bod'; demonstrative expressions; days of the week. Unit 6 will deal with: describing past events; the past tense of regular verbs; the immediate perfect of the present tense; comparison of adjectives; telling time. Unit 7 will deal with: enquiring about past events; the past tense of irregular verbs, expressing obligation, prepositional clauses, ordinals, seasons and months of the year. Unit 8 will deal with: planning for the future; the future tense of 'bod', the passive voice, the preposition 'ar', idioms with 'ar'. Unit 9 will deal with the future tense of regular verbs, the imperative, relative clauses. Unit 10 will deal with: asking permission, the future tense of irregular verbs, 'gwneud' as an auxiliary verb. Unit 11 will deal with: saying what one would do, the subjunctive mood, the conditional subjunctive of 'bod', conditional clauses. Unit 12 will deal with: news bulletin, defective verbs, impersonal forms of the verb.

ISBN 9783895865862. LINCOM Language Coursebooks 08. 160 pp. 2005.

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