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LLC 07: Rush to Russian

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Rush to Russian

Olga I.Glazunova
St. Petersburg State University

Rush to Russian is an all inclusive textbook for those beginning to study the Russian language from the basic level. The main aim of the textbook is to introduce lexical, grammatical rules and conversational Russian construction in the most easy and enthralling manner. All the commentaries in the textbook are in English.

In the introductory course the students learn letters and corresponding sounds of the Russian language, vocabulary and grammar. The special order of representation makes the process of learning Russian easier, because students have an opportunity to get to know Russian letters step by step during the entire course carefully working out the pronunciation and spelling. «Rush to Russian» is a unique book which offers such kind of teaching material organization.

Every lesson includes the most frequent conversational phrases reflect the peculiarities of Modern Russian and special rubrics introducing various aspects of life in Russia. At the end of this course students obtain the knowledge of the middle level in Russian.

The main course is extremely practical for students who are going to study at Russian educational institutions because it is composed around the everyday situations they will face in Russia. At the end of the textbook grammar tables and clues to the exercises can be found. The manual is supplied with Russian-English vocabulary.

ISBN 9783895863363. LINCOM Language Coursebooks 07. 240pp. 2003.

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4 - 4 of 18 results