LINCT 11: A Companion Telugu Reader to Arden’s Progressive Telegu Grammar

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A Companion Telugu Reader to Arden’s Progressive Telegu Grammar

A.H. Arden

This volume consists of two parts. Part I supplies the Telugu Student with numerous illustrations of the rules taught in the successive chapters of Part II of the Progressive Telugu Grammar, while, at the same time, it supplies a useful series of progressive exercises in colloquial Telugu. Besides some explanatory foot-notes, more than 1500 references to the Grammar are inserted into the text, which not only exemplify the rules, but also help the student to become familiar with the Grammar, and to refer to the rules without difficulty.

The exercises are written in colloquial Telugu, and most of the conversations have been written by Indians (who were not speaking English). They are therefore thoroughly idiomatic, and in accordance with Indian forms of thought and of expression, a feature which is peculiarly wanting in most exercise books hitherto published, in which the conversations are merely translations of essential English conversations (from the introduction of the 2nd edition). (Re-edition; Written in English. Originally published 1912 in London).

ISBN: 9783862881802. LINCOM Tutoria 11. 141 pages. 2011.

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