Lfc 57: A concise Kaffir - English Dictionary

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A concise Kaffir - English Dictionary
J. McLaren
Tins  Kaffir-English  Dictionary  is  written  as  a  companion  to  the  writer's "Grammar of the Kaffir Language." It aims at giving clear, concise, accurate definitions of the words which are in most common use. By the word Kaffir is here meant the language spoken by the native people of living in the Eastern portion of the Cape Province of  South Africa.
There are seven vowel sounds, including two and two o sounds, and they may be stressed or unstressed. The consonant sounds include ordinary consonants and clicks. These are represented by the letters of the Roman alphabet, singly or combined, with the addition of the aspirate and a dot put over or under two or three letters. Kaffir exhibits a higher or rising tone, and a lower or falling tone, indicated by an acute or a grave accent. Nouns are divided into classes by means of prefixes, most of the prefixes have more than one form.
Kaffir  is an  agglutinative  language. Besides the word proper root there are usually one or more particles attached to it, such as prefixes, pronouns, prepositions, or auxiliaries. The word proper stands at or near the end of the word-phrase. In order to look up in the Dictionary the main element such a word-phrase as andikaboni or bangaemlanjeni, we  ought  to  know which particles to clear away, and in which form the  root is likely to appear, besides the prefixes already given, which must be set aside in looking up nouns. One or several of the particles in the following lists must generally be removed before we can find  the root of  any noun,  adjective,  or verb we may  wish  to look up (adapted from the introduction. Re-edition; originally published 1915 in New York).
ISBN 9783969391815. LINCOM facsimile collection 57. 216pp. 2023.
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