LE 138: Literary Research: The Arts in Language, Communication, Culture and Society

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Literary Research: The Arts in Language, Communication, Culture and Society
Jidda Hassan Juma’a (ed.)
University of Maiduguri
This book is a research contribution from scholars in the area of Arts and Humanities. It contains articles on languages, linguistics, communication, culture and society. On languages and linguistics aspects the book looks at the fate of languages susceptible to endangerment due to major languages encroachment on their vocabulary and the attitudes of the speakers of the endangered languages.
The interaction between local Nigerian languages with modern European languages such as English and French occupy considerable space. In the area of communication researchers looked at the relevance of artistic designs, theatre and theories, in conveying messages that are educative and in the end transforming society’s mindset. On the cultural aspects scholars have extensively discussed the traditional barriers often created by shortsighted vision to religion, intellectualism and society that resulted into indecent interaction between the subjects.
On the research study in society the scholars have in more details discussed the dual function of society, where the same can be used in the process of destruction and reconstruction. Thus, on the use of drama, they were able to address social vices and the gradually returning peace to insurgent zones of Niger-Delta and Boko Haram in Northeast Nigeria.  
Umar Hussaini, Abubakar Bukar & Abubakar Abba Kaka
Comparative Analysis of Affixation and Stress change Processes in English and Fulfulde
Jidda Hassan Juma’a & Mohammed A. Muazu
Effects of Migration on Minority Languages: the case of Kilba and Shuwa Arabs in the Northeast
Mohammed Gambo
Language prestige: A factor of Language Endangerment in Gulak, Madagali Local Government of Adamawa Sate
Usman Adamu & Ajid Lawan Saleh
A Descriptive Analysis of Bura-pabər Pronouns
Kucheli Balami Barkakisi
A Morpho-Semantic Study of Selected Bura Place Names
Mohammed A. Muazu, Abdulkarim M. Yola & Maryam Goni Askira
A Comparative Analysis of Fulfulde and French Affixes
Joel Avaungwa Fanyam
A Stage Design and Decoration Pathways: An Appraisal of Theatre  
Terseer Paul Ikyagh
Toward Enhancing Community Participation in Theatre for Development (TfD) on the Field: A Picto-graphical Analysis of the Web and Magic Three Games
Muhammad Mallam Modu
A Multimodal Stylistic Study of Selected Cover pages of the News watch Times Magazine – Focus on Colour and Image Symbolisms
Mohammed Umar Gadaka & Muhammad Mallam Modu
Selection and Integration of Theoretical Framework in Literary Research
Zalikha’u Bello Ahmed
Women Education: Overcoming the Challenges of Accessibility
Bode Ojoniyi
An African Critic’s Voyage in the Western Myths of Post-Author Literary Criticism
Jacob Shimrumun Ioraa
The Place of Drama in the Fight against Social Problems in Nigeria: A Study of Femi Osofisan’s who is Afraid of Solarin? And Frank Ogebeche’s Harvest of Corruption.
Haruna Tsingari Warasini & Amina Ramat Saidu
14-Face(s) of Women in the Niger Delta Conflicts: A Human Security Analysis, 1999-2009
Abdulrahman B. Hamid
Boko Haram Insurgency: An Episode of Underdevelopment of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria
Amal Muhammad Abdulqadir & Muhammad Mai Abubakar
Muhammad Iqbal and His Contributions to Islamic literature
Shettima Bukar Kullima, Abdullahi Garba & Ibrahim Alhaji Modu
 “Soldier of Fortune”: From Intellectualist to Strategist in the Establishment and Consolidation of the Al-Kanemi Dynasty in Borno in the 19th Century
ISBN 9783969391501. Linguistics Edition 138. 322pp. 2023.
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