LCL 28: Interactive Sociolinguistics

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Interactive Sociolinguistics
Smita Joseph
The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India
Interactive Sociolinguistics is meant for young researchers of humanities and social sciences and, especially, for those who are specializing in the area of linguistics and sociolinguistics. Students with a basic to mid-level background in linguistics can also form an audience. The book is novel in its approach because it criticizes some key concepts like the notion of dialects given by Chambers and Trudgill (2004). The book includes:
  • An exercise after every chapter,
  • Samples of students’ assignments,
  • Strategies to develop research questions,
  • Topics in sociolinguistics that are illustrated through case studies and examples,
  • Strategies to write concise summaries and literature reviews in sociolinguistics,
  • Strategies to avoid plagiarism in research,
  • Strategies to develop questionnaires,
  • A chapter on writing dissertations, and
  • Bad examples of writing literature reviews and summaries.
The textbook discusses the following terms, which are also the key terms: dialect, dialect geography, social class, caste, research questions, language change, literature review, dissertations, theses, summary writing, data analysis, questionnaire, synchronic and diachronic linguistics, generational change, lifespan change, age-graded variation, direct and indirect elicitation frames, display map, semi-foreign language, mutual intelligibility, and dialect myths.      

ISBN 9783969391273. LINCOM Coursebooks in Linguistics 28. 151pp. 2022.

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