LCL 27: Arabic Translation Practice

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Arabic Translation Practice
A Coursebook
مُقرر الترجمة التطبيقية
إنجليزي – عربي - إنجليزي
Hussein Abdul-Raof
Taibah University, Saudi Arabia
Arabic Translation Practice: A Coursebook is a valuable translation pedagogy and a thorough practice-based academic resource book for English-Arabic-English translation and contrastive linguistics at the syntactic, semantic, and stylistic levels of analysis. It provides practical translation strategies to the translation student and to the translation teacher. It is concerned primarily with practical translation training and is a rich resource for an English-Arabic-English intensive translation training program. The book provides the student with an insight into translation skills at the full-stop, conjunctive particle, word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, and text levels. The present book is to do with transferable practical translation skills. Each English or Arabic text is divided into segments such as the headline, sub-headlines, captions, and the individual subsequent sentences of the whole text. Each segment of the ST is followed by its translation and critical translation quality assessment. Then, the translation strategy is explained for each individual segment of both the ST and the TT. The book explains how a text segment is translated and how a translation problem is solved. The punctuation, cohesion, grammatical, and stylistic idiosyncrasies of both the ST and the TT are discussed thoroughly.
Arabic Translation Practice: A Coursebook also provides an overview of useful theoretical problems in Arabic translation. Fifteen translation approaches are discussed. Brief details of major translation strategies are provided to guide the student to what is required or how a translation problem is accounted for during the translation process.
Hussein Abdul-Raof has been involved in teaching, supervising masters and doctoral dissertations, researching, and practicing translation for 40 years. He is a Professor of Linguistics and Translation Studies at Taibah University, Saudi Arabia, who has worked in the United Kingdom as a practitioner since 1976, a translation and interpreting instructor in Specialist Language Services (York, 1984-1992), The University of Salford Manchester (1985-1992), and The University of Leeds (1993-2012), and a PhD supervisor to postgraduate students of translation studies in The University of Leeds (1993-2012).

ISBN 9783969391136. LINCOM Coursebooks in Linguistics 27. 458pp. 2022.

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