LE 131: New English Expressions Translated into Arabic

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New English Expressions Translated into Arabic
ألفاظ جديدة باللغة الانجليزية
وترجمتها باللغة العربية
Compiled & Translated by:
Mohamed Kamel Abdel-Daem
English is an always-renewable language which is continuously changing, and fresh terms and phrases systematically creep into this worldwide tongue.  Mixed forms and acronyms frequently persist in the English lexicon and syntax. During the 2010s, social media sites have exercised a considerably awesome influence that always propagates the new locutions, and via their global prevalence, a great deal of lexical entries and grammatical rules now tend to evolve fresh senses and usages.   This book provides a glossary of the voguish words and expressions and grammar points which emerged in the English language in recent times, roughly from the early 2000s till 2020/21. The book meets two requirements: first, the students and readers of English can be informed about the new changes and faddish terminology of today’s English; second, the Arabic-speaking students and readers can be aware of the meanings of these new locutions in Arabic. The first part of the book comprises an Arabic translation of the fresh English expressions, both in standard Arabic, and sometimes in Egyptian-Arabic dialect as most of the new terms fall under an informal or slang language umbrella. The readers can refer to the index for English-English explanations of the trendy terminology. Though it is not a lexicographer’s work or a dictionary, this book is expected to be of great benefit for readers and students of English, the Arab readers of English, social media users, and perhaps English-Arabic lexicographers.

ISBN 9783969390931. Linguistics Edition 131. 328pp. 2022.

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