LSLINC 01: Alternative Horizons in Linguistics

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Alternative Horizons in Linguistics
A Festschrift in Honour of Prof. Panchanan Mohanty
Tariq Khan (ed.)
Central Institute of Indian Languages
Mendem Bapuji & Ankita Satapathy (assoc.eds.)
University of Hyderabad, University of Karnataka
This book contains twenty-five refereed papers contributed by linguists of established credentials from various countries in honour of Professor Panchanan Mohanty, who is considered one of the most acclaimed linguists of India. The papers included in this volume represent various themes in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. This book is relevant for undergraduate, postgraduate as well as research students who are interested in different aspects of language science. The teachers of linguistics discipline, fieldworkers and freelance language enthusiasts may find it useful in understanding their object of inquiry. The scholars concerned with language policy, writing systems, and documentation of lesser-known languages may also find the contents of this book interesting and relevant.
Bernard Spolsky
Language Management Agencies and Advocates

Lyle Campbell
Tthe History of Language Endangerment research with Personal Perspectives

Paul Sidwell
The Proto-Austroasiatic Cultural Lexicon: Retention or Diffusion?

David Bradley          
Lisu in India

K.A. Jayaseelan
Some Problems of Translation and the Meaning of Light Verbs

Julia Sallabank
Perspectives on Language Sustainability: Discourses, Engagement and Research Methods in Language Revitalisation

Barbara C. Lust
Why Conserve the Language of South Asia’s Children?
B.N. Patnaik
The Language of Rudeness

K. Rangan
Pure Tamil Movement: a Symbol of Identity Crisis

Liudmila Khokhlova
Expression of Painful Sensations in Hindi

Abinitha Gourabathina & Christiane Fellbaum
A Corpus analysis of the collocational properties of english modifying adverbs

Rajend Mesthrie & Sabiha Hashami
Connecting the Contact Hindi of Bihar with the Bbhojpuri-hindi diaspora

K.S. Nagaraja
A Nnote on Doublets in Khasi

Dan Raj Regmi & Ambika Regmi Banjara
Assessing Community’s Desire and Need for Multilingual Education: some Experiences from Nepal

Miki Nishioka
Conflicting Patterns of Agreement in Hindi-Urdu: a Case Study Focusing on Eeastern Part of Hindi-Urdu Belt

Ramanjaney Kumar Upadhyay & S. Imtiaz Hasnain
On Language: Oriental and Western Perspective

Shailendra Mohan
Some Aspects of Nihali Syntax

Sonal Kulkarni-Joshi & Manasi Kelkar
Synchronic Variation and Diachronic Change in Dialects of Marathi

Ajit Kumar Baishya
The Genesis of Nagamese

Niladri Sekhar Dash
The Norms and Rules of Part-of-Speech (pos) Tagging on a Written Text Corpus

Mohammed Q. Shormani
Vocatives in Arabic: where they belong?

Ritesh Kumar
Verbal Aggression on Social Media: how, why and its Automatic Identification

Atul Aman et al
Consonants in Khortha

Ankita Satapathy
Nature and Classification of Ppis in Odia and their Licensing

Tariq Khan
The Naskh/nasta`liq Script: an Evaluation of its Native-foreign Dichotomy, Learnability Issues and Proposals for Reform.

ISBN 9783969390269 (Hardbound).  LINCOM Studies in Linguistics and Culture 01. 382pp. 2020.

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