LSAL 77: The Verb and Related Areal Features in West Africa

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The Verb and Related Areal Features in West Africa

Continuity and Discontinuity within and across Sprachbund Frontiers

Petr Zima (ed.)

in co-operation with
Thomas Bearth, Norbert Cyffer, M.Holubová, Herrmann Jungraithmayr, Rudolf Leger, Henning Schreiber, Anne Storch, Ulrike Zoch

This volume brings the results of international research, the roots of which were already laid in the volume, published as No 47 of Lincom Studies in African Linguistics (Areal and Genetic Factors in Language Classification and Description: Africa South of the Sahara), some time ago.

More recently, a preliminary questionnaire regarding further research in the areal distribution of TAM paradigms and functions was proposed on p.10 of the volume Sprachbund in the West African Sahel , ( published in Paris by Bernard Caron and Petr Zima, Eds., 2006). Several related non-verbal criteria suggested to complement the original questionnaire were added to the list since 2007, within the framework of the currently running Czech Science Foundation Project No 405/07/0277, and discussed at an international workshop organised in co-operation with the Prague Linguistic Circle in October, 2008. Data from languages of differing genetic origins spoken West of Lake Chad, be they such sociolinguistically important languages as Kanuri, Hausa, Fula, Songhay, etc., or be they sociolinguistically minor languages from the Chadic, Mande or Niger-Congo genetic contexts, served for attempts at a theoretical generalisation.

ISBN 9783929075892. LINCOM Studies in African Linguistics 77. 240pp. 2009.

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