LE 72: Evaluation of Media Reach and Effectiveness: A Linguistic Exercise

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Evaluation of Media Reach and Effectiveness: A Linguistic Exercise

M. J. Warsi
Washington University, St. Louis

This book is an attempt to bring out issues related to communication studies in general and Urdu electronic and print media in particular. This concise overview may enhance a better understanding of communication studies. This is, therefore, the first linguistic study on Urdu print and electronic media. As such, it should not only open many new perspectives in various areas it presents, but also incites others to further this kind of study in both scope and depth.

The experimental approach employed to perform semantic feature analysis of related word-pairs addresses fundamental analytical issues concerning the linguistic and psycholinguistic aspects of meaning in a strikingly original and perceptive way. In this regard, the book makes an impressive and original contribution to socio-psychological aspects of meaning and its effects on readers. The theoretical and methodological ideas and models it contains should merit the interest not only to the scholars of language and communication but also to linguists, semioticians and psycholinguists

ISBN 9783929075588. Linguistics Edition 72. 144pp. 2009.

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