LWM 64: Dogon

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Vladimir Plungian
University of Moscow

Dogon is reputed for its extremely high dialectal diversity: there are more than 15 dialects attested, most of them being mutually unintelligible. The sketch is based on one of the central dialects, tommo­so, very important sociolinguistically but not well described yet (more or less like all the other Dogon dialects).

Typologically, Dogon is characterized by a quite unusual combination of "agglutinating" verb (with a variety of aspectual and temporal markers within the word­form) and "isolating" noun (without any affixal markers at all, even number and case markers being clitical). The sketch provides a short phonological and morphological description, a concise account of grammatical categories and derivational system and an overview of main syntactic properties of Dogon (special emphasis is laid on converbs/participles and "serialization" in clause combining). [written in French].

ISBN 9783929075465. Languages of the World/Materials 64. 47 pp. 1995.

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