LSSlaL 33: The Syntax of Numerals in Bosnian

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The Syntax of Numerals in Bosnian

Nedžad Leko
University of Sarajevo

This monograph deals with numerals with special emphasis on numerals in Bosnian and their syntactic behaviour. At least eight types of numerals in Bosnian may be singled out, and taking ‘five’ as an example, we have the forms pet, peti, petoro, petori, petorica, petica, petina, po pet representing the various types of numerals. However, syntactically all these numerals behave as three distinct categories, namely as quantifiers, nouns and adjectives.

Chapter 1 is devoted to numerals in general.

Chapter 2 deals with numerals in Bosnian describing them according to the traditional classification of numerals as cardinal, ordinal, collective, etc.

In Chapter 3, the author offers some theoretical considerations about the syntactic behaviour of numerals in Bosnian. Since theoretical considerations are based on real language data, it was inevitable to repeat in Chapter 3 some parts of the discussion from Chapter 2, which is mainly concerned with the description of various types of numerals. Those readers who are mainly interested in theoretical considerations may read first Chapter 3, which also gives some crucial descriptive facts that are extensively dealt with in Chapter 2.

The author has Ph.D. in linguistics (Indiana University, 1986) and teaches linguistics at the University of Sarajevo.

ISBN 9783929075113. LINCOM Studies in Slavic Linguistics 33. 111pp. 2009.

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