LSAL 78: A Grammar of the Miship Language

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A Grammar of the Miship Language

Mohammed Aminu Mu'azu & Katwal Pemak Isah
University of Maiduguri

Miship belongs to the West-Chadic sub-group of the Afro-Asiatic phylum and is spoken by 17,000 people in Plateau State, Nigeria. This book consists of five chapters. The first part looks at the historical and ethnic backgrounds of the speakers of the Miship language, discusses its linguistic classifications and provides an overview of the dialects of the Miship language. The second part deals with the sound system, which includes descriptions of the consonants, vowels sounds, other related phonological aspects, as well as the tonal system of the language. The third section discusses the nominal and verbal morphology of the language, covering such diverse dimensions, as the conventional nouns, verbs, inflections and other grammatical features, as well as ideophones and its structures. The fourth chapter treats syntactic features of the language using Choamskian’s method of sentence analysis. Phrase structure tree diagrams are drawn, and phrase structure rules are established for some of the sentence types that occur in the language. The concluding chapter presents the vocabulary of the language.

The authors, Mohammed Aminu Mu’azu and Katwal Pemak Isah studied General Linguistics in the Department of Languages and Linguistics, University of Maiduguri-Nigeria. This book was completed during Mohammed Aminu Mu’azu’s tenure as a lecturer in the Department of African Studies (Afrikanistik 11), University of Bayreuth, Germany (2008-2010).

ISBN 9783895869938. LINCOM Studies in African Linguistics 78. 209pp. 2010.

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