LSAAL 05: Comparative Morphology of Standard Egyptian Arabic

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Comparative Morphology of Standard Egyptian Arabic

Hassan A. H. Gadalla
Assiut University

The major concern of this book is the comparison of the morphological aspects of Standard Arabic (SA) and Egyptian Arabic (EA). It is divided into five chapters. Chapter One provides a phonological outline of SA and EA. It also analyses morphological basics and the morphosyntactic preliminaries of the two varieties. Chapter Two is devoted to the morphology of triradical and quadriradical verbs. In addition, the inflection of verbs for aspect/mood and voice and a treatment of verbal affixes and verb derivation are provided.

Chapter Three deals with the morphology of primary and deverbal nouns. Moreover, the divergence between definite and indefinite nouns and the inflection of nouns for case, gender and number are explained. The formation of the diminutive is also illustrated. Chapter Four handles the morphology of adjectival stems. Then, the difference between definite and indefinite adjectives and the inflection of adjectives for case, gender, number and degree are analyzed. Furthermore, participial forms and relational adjectives are discussed. Chapter Five is related to the morphology of closed-list classes, including pronouns, prepositions, adverbs, as well as interrogative and responsive particles. Finally, negative and possessive particles are exhibited.

ISBN 9783895869723. LINCOM Studies in Afroasiatic Linguistics 05. 264pp. 2000.

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