LSAL 58: Notes grammaticales et lexique du Kiholu

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Notes grammaticales et lexique du Kiholu

Jan Daeleman, S. J.

Kiholu is a Bantu tone-language spoken on both sides of the Kwaangu and the Tuungila rivers by (at that time) c. 7000 people in the Kongo Republic and c. 12000 in Angola. These provisional notes have been taken from a Muholu (born c. 1937) in 1957.

The first part deals with phonetics and phonology/tonology; the second part with the morphology. A table presents the nominal, pronominal and verbal prefixes.

Nominal forms with class pairing 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/10, 13/12, 14/6; contents of the noun classes and the locatives 16, 17 and 18. Six adjective-stems have been noted and two complex nominals. Pronominal forms: completive syntagma, substitutive, possessive, demonstrative, numeral and interrogative. Verbal forms: present, durative, recent past, interior past, subjunctive, imperative and negative. As syntax only 56 conversation-sentences are given with French translation. Lexicon Kiholu - French: (c. 900 items). Lexicon French - Kiholu: (c. 900 items). (written in French)

ISBN 9783895867569. LINCOM Studies in African Linguistics 58. 80pp. 2003.

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