LSAL 54: Some aspects of the grammar of Zina Kotoko

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Some aspects of the grammar of Zina Kotoko

Bodil Kappel Schmidt, David Odden & Anders Holmberg

This volume contains articles on aspects of phonology, morphology, and syntax of Zina Kotoko, a Chadic language of far northern Cameroon. The introduction presents an overview of the language, providing background information for the articles. David Odden describes verbal tone, which involves phonological interaction between an underlying 'melody' for each tense-aspect and the presence of depressor consonants in the stem. Berit-Anne Bals and Helene Norgaard Andreassen examine reduplication in progressive verbs and show that there are two different reduplicative constituents, whose selection depend on the presence of 'infixed' object pronouns.

Mark Andrew de Vos gives an overview of noun morphology with special attention to plural formation and focus constructions. Girma A. Demeke analyzes the complex system of definiteness and agreement in DPs and shows how agreement works with different classes of nominal modifiers.

Florin Oprina gives an overview of VP syntax, analyzing relations between particular verb forms and objects constructions, negation, and aspect.

Bodil Kappel Schmidt describes the tense/aspect system with an analysis of aspectual forms as complex, complementary to 'pure' tense forms.

Anders Holmberg gives a description and analysis of prepositions and PPs as complex constructions, consisting of a Relator with a Place complement.

The Lexicon contains appr. 500 Zina Kotoko items.

ISBN 9783895864520. LINCOM Studies in African Linguistics 54. 200pp. 2002.

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