LW/TL 04: Huzhu Mongghul Texts

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Huzhu Mongghul Texts

Limusishiden & Kevin Stuart (eds.)
Qinghai Medical College, Qinghai Junior Teachers' College

China's Monguor (Tu) nationality (1990 population = 190,000) , classified as one of China's fifty-six official ethnic groups, lives in the east-central portion of Northwest China's Qinghai Province. The 57,000 Huzhu Mongghul (1990) are the largest Monguor group, speaking a language with many links to Mongol and greatly influenced by Tibetan culture, especially in the religious arena.

An extensive selection of folklore materials written by Huzhu Mongghul has been published over the last decade in a mimeographed journal. Few complete collections of this material remain. Huzhu Monggul Texts presents the great body of this material in a single Mongghul-language collection with notes and a Table of Contents in English. The Mongghul written system is based on a modified pinyin system. (Map, illustrations)

ISBN9783895862571. Languages of the World/ Text Library 04. 399pp. Vol. I + II. 2001.

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