LSAAL 23: Four Types of the Moroccan "ġuş"

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Four Types of the Moroccan "ġuş"
Nasser Berjaoui
Ibn Tofail University, Kénitra, Morocco

This book is a follow-up to our detailed description and analysis of both corpora and rules of the Moroccan Arabic secret languages of the Tafilalet (TSLs), namely the “ġuş”. In this work, four families of the TSLs are proposed, together with their varieties. The types are the x…xxәCC, the x…xaCi, the x…xaCu and the x…xawiCa families. These types, which branch into several varieties, function separately. The x…xxәCC type, for instance, secretises a given word like “mat” (die) as “sat ssәmm” or “fat ffәmm”, for instance, depending on the encoding variety of the family in question. The x…xaCi category modifies the same word as “sat sami” and “kat kami”. The x…xaCu type changes the word as “sat samu” and “bat bamu”. The fourth family, namely the x…xawiCa “ġuş”, distorts the relevant word as “tat tawima” and “wat wawima”. The present book proposes four parts and eight chapters describing many of the linguistic aspects of the TSLs.

ISBN 9783895861888. Moroccan Arabic Secret Languages 07. LINCOM Studies in Afroasiatic Linguistics 23. 577pp. 2008.
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