LSSlaL 28: Czech in Generative Grammar

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Czech in Generative Grammar

Mojmír Dočekal, Petr Karlik, Jana Zmrzlíková (eds.)

This book is the first to analyse the Czech language within a generative framework. In twelve studies, this work offers an analysis of the Czech language, which possesses a rich morphological system and a relatively free word order. It suggests new hypotheses and modifications of existing influential hypotheses based on Czech data.

The book addresses classic phenomena which have been central to generative grammar for all of its existence, such as reflexive verb forms, infinitives, wh-questions, mixed categories, and others. It also touches on problems whose descriptive analysis are connected with Prague School structuralism and only later have received generativists' attention, e.g. topicalisation and theme/rheme word order.


Petr Biskup:
Sentence-final sentence adverbs in the phase model

Pavel Caha:
A Note about A Note About Nothing

Markéta Ceplová:
Infinitives under 'have'/'be' in Czech

Mojmír Dočekal:
Only, bound variables and VP ellipsis in Czech

Jakub Dotlačil:
Clitic omission in Czech as across-the-Board extraction

Joseph Emonds:
Czech Cases and the Syntacticon: Poznámky k, o, okolo, nad nĕčím a pro nĕkoho Petr Karlík: Mixed Nominals in Czech

Lucie Medová & Tarald Taraldsen:
1, 2, se

Radek Šimík:
The Czech invariant demonstrative to is a Foc head

Hana Skrabalova:
Wh-questions with conjoined wh-words

Andrea Volencová:
Reflexive verbal forms in Czech from the Romance perspective

Markéta Ziková:
Why Czech case markers sometimes get lost

ISBN 9783895860799 (Hardcover). LINCOM Studies in Slavic Linguistics 28. 208pp. 2007.

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