LINGram 122: A Greek Grammar for Schools and Colleges

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A Greek Grammar for Schools and Colleges

Herbert Weir Smyth

In making this book my aim has been, in the first place, to adapt it to the needs of students using a Greek grammar for the first time, and in the second place, to include such matters as may be of special service to undergraduates during the earlier period of their study of Greek literature. As regards the forms, it has been my purpose to set forth the essential facts of Attic speech, and of the other dialects so far as they occur in the authors ordinarily read in American schools and colleges, viz., Homer, Herodotus, and the Lyric poets. The present book differs from its precedessors of the same class, especially in attaching greater importance to exact explanations of phonetic and morphological changes (from the preface). The study contains an appendix of fourty pages with a list of verbs (Re-edition; originally published 1916 in New York; written in English)

ISBN 978 3 86290 178 4. LINCOM Gramatica 122. 506pp. 2013.

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