LINGram 119: Notes on Kamba Grammar with two Appendices

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Notes on Kamba Grammar with two Appendices

Kamba Names of Persons, Places, Animals and Plants - Salutations

Gerhard Lindblom

The present study is meant to form a supplement to E. Brutzer’s “Handbuch der Kambasprache” (re-edited as no. 118 in the LINCOM Gramatica series), chiefly such things being treated which are not mentioned by Brutzer. Thus, especially section II consists of isolated cases from the accidence. It should also be pointed out that this study is based on a different dialect than that on which Brutzer’s book is based. I was in Ukamba (British East Africa) in 1911 and 1912, to work with Kamba natives. The Kamba people is one of the largest people in British East Africa, in their land Ukamba the population amounts to some 230,000 persons (adapted from the introduction). (Re-edition; originally published 1926 in Uppsala; written in English).

ISBN 978 3 86290 162 3. LINCOM Gramatica 119. 104pp. 2011.

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