LINGram 109: Initia Amharica

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Initia Amharica

An Introduction to Spoken Amharic. Part I.

C.H. Armbruster

Amharic is the language most widely spoken and written in Abyssinia at the present day. It is indigenous not only in Amhara, the district from which the name is taken, but over the greater part of Central Abyssinia. As a language of commerce it is heard beyond the limits of Abyssinia proper. Two principal dialects are distinguished, that of Gojjam and that of Shoa (from the introduction).

Contents: Phonetic alphabet, the Amharic characters, punctuation, doubling consonants, crasis or contraction of adjacent vowels, substantive, the Ethiopic accusative, pronouns, numerals, primitive and derived forms of the verb, voice, mood, tense, contingent, jussive, paradigms of derived forms of the verb, syntax, etc. (Re-edition; originally published 1908 in Cambridge; written in English)

ISBN 978 3 86290 149 4. LINCOM Gramatica 109. 422pp. 2011.

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