LINAm 03: The Arawak Language of Guiana

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The Arawak Language of Guiana

C.H. de Goeje

The Arawak or Arowak inhabit the costal districts of Surinam and British Guiana; they formerly lives still further East, even as far as the mouth of the Orinoco and Trinidad. In this work Brett’s texts (1856) have been used in the first palce, and an endeavour has been made, to discuss all the particularities of the language as found in these texts (from the preface).

Contents: Rules for pronunciation, finite verbs, character of the Arawak words, infinfite verbs, auxilary verb a, intensives, conjunctions, form-ation of verbs, classes of utterances, family relations, origins of the Arawak language, etc. (Re-edition; originally published 1928 in Amsterdam; written in English).

ISBN 9783862901098. LINCOM Americana 03. 315pp. 2011.

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