LINCT 04: Esperanto

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The Student's Complete Text Book
Containing Full Grammar, Exercises, Conversations, Commercial Letters, and Two Vocabularies

J.C. O'Connor

This Grammar of the Auxiliary International Language, "Esperanto" - the first published in England - was personally revised by and received the official approval of its inventor, Dr. Zamenhof.

Thus it was prepared to supply a want is not a mere façon de parler. For months before this issue of the first edition in 1903 hundreds of inquirers had written urgently requesting a grammar suitable for English students. In compiling a book to meet this demand my chief desire and aim has been to prepare a Grammar, which, while being a complete in all its parts and containing everything that is necessary for a sound knowledge of the language, should be brief, clear, full, but not redundant (from the preface of the 1913 edition).

Contents: The Making of an International Language by Dr. Zamenhof. Synopsis of the Grammar of Esperanto: Part I: The Grammar (list of correlative words, how to build up new words). Part II: Exercises on the Grammar. Part III: Conversations. Part IV: Letters, commercial, ideomatic phrases, etc. Part V: Vocabularies (English - Esperanto, Esperanto-English). Appendix (names of countries, foods, etc.).

(re-edition; originally printed 1913, London)

ISBN 9783862900367. LINCOM Tutoria 04. 168pp.2011.

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