LW/D 42: Shiyeyi - English dictionary (e-book)

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Shiyeyi - English dictionary
Stephen T.M. Lukusa
University of Botswana

The Shiyeyi - English dictionary is the very first dictionary of its kind on the language. It goes farther than the existing glossaries of the language in that, in addition to giving translation equivalents of several entries, it also provides the user with a pronunciation guide, explanations, examples showing the context in which words are used, as well as grammatical information. Its readership includes without distinction native speakers, foreigners and language learners of different age groups.

Shiyeyi is an endangered Bantu language spoken in the North of Botswana and in the Caprivi strip in the North-west of Namibia. The book is based on real data collected from native speakers from different Wayeyi villages and therefore contains alternative forms used by speakers from the entire Wayeyi domain. It is authored by an experienced Bantuist who is advantaged by the knowledge of several Bantu languages and counts a number of publications on both Shiyeyi and other Bantu languages.
Languages of the World/Dictionaries 42. 356pp. 2009.
ISBN 9783862889655 (e-book, pdf)
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