LW/D 25 (2nd ed.): Mà´dí English - English Mà´dí Dictionary (e-book)

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Mà´dí English - English Mà´dí Dictionary

Mairi J Blackings
University of Strathclyde

Mà´dí is a Central Sudanic language of the Nilo-Saharn phylum, which is spoken in Uganda and South Sudan. This dictionary, composed by a native linguist, is written using the suggested orthography for the language, which encourages the distinction between the advanced and retracted tongue root vowels and the marking of tones. Though the main entry is primarily in the Lokayi dialect spoken in South Sudan, where applicable, cross-references have been made across all the other main dialects of the language.

The core part of this second edition of the dictionary has about 7000 entries. For ease of transition to the suggested new orthography, each entry begins with the old orthography (with no vowel quality distinction or the marking of tones). This is followed by its representation in the new orthography, the word class, and English glosses. Many entries also include derived or inflected words, idioms, and example sentences. Where appropriate, alternative pronunciations, dialectal variations and spellings are provided. Loanwords are indicated, and a source language, where possible is suggested. The borrowed lexicon of the language with loanwords from Arabic (in the Sudan), English (Uganda and the Sudan), Swahili (mostly in Uganda) and Italian (mostly religious register), indicates the socio-cultural and political contacts of the Mà´dí people. Interesting features of the language found in this dictionary include the use of the apostrophe to represent the glottal stop when placed before a vowel and the implosive when it precedes a consonant. The language also has a number of secondarily and doubly articulated consonants. This dictionary should be a useful tool for the native speaker both at home and in diaspora, the comparative linguist or the relief worker among others.

Languages of the World/Dictionaries 25. 252pp. 2011.

ISBN 9783862880539 (print)

ISBN 9783862889532 (e-book, pdf)

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