LSSMT 01: Medical Semiotics: Medicine and Cultural Meaning

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Medical Semiotics: Medicine and Cultural Meaning
Marcel Danesi & Nicolette Zukowski
University of Toronto
Medical semiotics, as a branch of general semiotics, has never really gained a foothold in either semiotics itself or medical science, despite the fact that the discipline of semiotics traces its roots to the medical domain in the ancient world and especially to Hippocrates. With several key exceptions, such as Jakob von Uexküll in 1909 and in the 1990s with Thomas A. Sebeok, there is no evidence that medical semiotics is a significant and growing area of research either within semiotics or medical practice. The purpose of this book is to revive interest in this field examining the historical and epistemological principles that would make it highly relevant today in the global village where conceptions of disease and health are in constant flux. The book is written it in a non-technical way-that is, no assumptions are made on the part of the reader of technical semiotics. Our hope is that this book will bring out the importance of semiotics to the practice of medicine. It can be considered to be a textbook in the field of medical semiotics, constituting to the best of our knowledge the first of its kind.
ISBN 9783862889471 (hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Semiotics 01. 149pp. 2019
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