LE 113: Language, Communication and Society. Vol. 1

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Language, Communication and Society. Vol. 1
A Festschrift in Honour of Professor B. R. Badejo
Mohammed Aminu Mu’azu, Jidda Hassan Juma’a, Abba Kura Shettima, Mohammad Fannami & Balarabe Zulyadaini (eds.)
Professor B.R. Badejo is hereby being honoured via a festschrift, organized by his colleagues and students of the Department of Languages and Linguistics, the Department of English and indeed the Faculty of Arts, University of Maiduguri-Nigeria, to mark his unfathomable contribution to academic excellence. The theme of the festschrift is: Language, Communication and Society, which has been sub-divided into four sections for ease of reference: Language, Communication, Society and Other Languages. On Language, twenty-six articles on various aspects of linguistics feature. On Communication, twenty-two articles, cutting across various theories and techniques have been included. On Society, the thirty papers included generally cover various socio-cultural as well as political aspects of our society; while the section housing Other Languages contains eighteen articles, which include: eight on Hausa, four on Arabic, one on Kanuri, and two each on French and Fulfulde. It is pertinent to note that all contributions were subjected to a rigorous peer-review mechanism. Finally, we wish to state that this festschrift aims at significantly filling a lacuna in the field of Language, Communication and Society as well as encouraging future linguists to develop an interest in the field of language documentation and archiving. Non-linguists too, in related areas of specialization, stand to benefit immensely from the festschrift.
The “Nurse” Vowel in Nigerian English
Abubakar Atiku Alkali                                           
An Overview of Jukun Verbal Morphological System
Akisani Samaila                                                                  
Phonological Processes: An Inter Dialectal Analysis of
Weakening Processes in Fulfulde
Abubakar Umar Girei & Ahmadu Shehu                                   
Nominal Group Modification in English and Arabic
Ahmed Umar & Abubakar Bukar                                    
Tense and Aspect in English and Bura
Ahmed Umar                                                           
Morphophonology of Gombe Fulfuldeɓe, xe and xi
Noun Plurals: A Generative Approach
Hisham Bacci Mohammed Aliyu                                                
A Descriptive Account of Metathesis in C’lela
Muhammad Ango Aliero                                       
Verbal Extensions: Valency Increasing Operations in
Basà Verbal System
Imoh, Philip Manda                                                           
A Comparative Analysis of the Head of Nominal Group
in Hausa and English Languages
Asabe Sadiya Mohammed & Alhaji Abubakar                          
Morpho-semantic Description of   X+and/with+X
Compounds in Hausa
Shuaibu Mohammed & Umar Hussaini                         
Comparative Analysis of English and Bokyi
Derivational Processes
Bisong M. Tabang & Usman Abubakar Alkali                          
X-Bar Analysis of Ágátù Noun Phrase
Jacob Yakubu Umaru                                            
A Semantic Analysis of Hausa Linguistic Taboo
Abdulwahab Muhammad & Abubakar Bukar                           
Phonological Behaviour and Adaptation of Hausa
Loanwords in Babur-Bura
Modu M. Bukar & Saleh Jibir                                           
Phonological Adaptation of Hausa Loan Words in Bade
Mohammed Musa Kukuri & Musa Grema                                
The Concept and Practice of Metrical Phonology:
A Catalyst to Syllable, Stress and Rhythm
Nuhu  Abdulmalik & Abdulmumini Isah                                  
Lexical Analysis on Homonyms in Hausa
Mukhtar Ahmad                                                     
Grammatical Gender Marking in Warji
Aishatu Iya Ahmed & Sheriff Abdulkadir                                  
Transitivity and Ergativity in Kanuri
Muhammad Fannami, Baba Kura Alkali Gazali
& Mohammed Laminu Mele                                            
The Structure of Kilba Sentences: A Descriptive Analysis
Mohammed Aminu Muazu                                              
A Syntactic Account of Focus Markers (ne/ce/ne) in Ruwan Bagaja
Mohammed Munkaila & Sumayya Gambo                                
Vowel Sequence and the Phonemic Status of /h/ and /ŋ/ in Ígálà
Gideon S. Omachonu                                             
Metathesis and Deletion in Bade: A Generative Approach
Tijjani Salisu & Adamu Abdulsalam                               
A Descriptive Analysis of Phonological Adaptation
of Hausa Loanwords in Kanuri
Abubakar Abba Kaka & Abubakar Abanga                               
The Sapir-Whorf World View Hypothesis: Evidence from Hausa
and Fulfulde Nominals
Abdulmalik Aminu & Ahmad Tela Baba                                   
Derivation of Special Craft Terms in Broß and Baba’s Dictionary
Lami Auwal Ibrhaim                                                          
Morphological Analysis of Neologisms in Hausa:
A Case Study of Bauchi Radio Station
Yusuf Alhaji Umar & Abdulmalik Usman                                  
Narrative Structure of Hausa Oral Narrative Songs:
A Study of Gambu’s Tudu Tsoho
Adamu Abdulsalam & Tela Musa Musa                         
Teaching Dictionary Usage in Translation Courses in French
Muhammed Sale Also                                            
French Language Teaching and Learning in Nigerian
Colleges of Education: Prospects and Challenges
Bulama Ndjale & Aminou Adama Haman                                
Problems Affecting Effective Teaching and Learning of
Arabic and Islamic Studies in Primary Schools in
Potiskum Local Government Area of Yobe State
Ahmed Tahir Adamu Koki ,  Abba Buba & Asabe Adamu Gora                   
Communication and Integration through the Folklore:
A Case Study of Kebbi State Radio Phonein
Programme ‘Rai Dangin Goro’
Nasiru Aminu                                                         
An Analysis of Lexical Cohesion in The Inaugural
Speech of General Murtala Mohammed
Hauwa Giwa Ali                                                      
The Abnormality of Translating the Tiv Pronoun and
Future Tense as One Lexical Item
Bem P. Ianna                                                           
Systematic Erros Among NonFrancophones in Acquiring
Conjugation Skills. The Case of University of Maiduguri
Dikwa Karim Bukar                                                           
Orientational Metaphor and Politicking in Some Essays
of Femi FaniKayode
Mohammed Laminu Mele & Mada S. Jasini                 
The Road to Idanre a Poet’s Journey Through Madness:
A Psychoanalytical Reading of Soyinka’s Idanre and Other Poems
Abubakar Othman & Markus Ishaku                             
The Monster
Razinat T. Mohammed                                          
Pragmatic Functions of Metadiscourse Markers in
Some Selected Articles of Hausa Newspapers
Ahmed Mohammed Bedu & Abba Baba                        
Problems of Teaching and Learning English Language in Some
Selected Public Junior Secondary Schools in Potiskum Local
Government Area of Yobe State - Nigeria
Ahmed Tahir Adamu Koki                                    
Style of Reference in Matazu’s Amon ‘Yanci: A Textual Study
Ibrahim Lamido                                                      
An Analysis of Selected Connotative Usages in Political
Reports of Tell Magazine
Mada Stephen Jasini & James Jarafu Jawur                               
Some Problems of Research on Cognitive Semantics in Hausa
Ahmad Tela Baba & Dymitr Ibriszimow                                   
Linguistic Borrowing as a Device for Maintaining Rhyme in Hausa Poetry
Balarabe Zulyadaini                                                           
A Critique of English Language as Lingua Franca in Contemporary
Nigerian Socio-Economic and Political Trends
Sanni Isah                                                    
Manipulation of Language in Communication to Depict
Instances of Officialese, Social Power and Attitude
Abba Terab Mustapha                                           
An Examination of the Film and Home Video Industry in Nigeria
Abubakar Mu’azu                                                   
Positivism in the Portraiture of Female
Characters in Abubakar Gimba’s Sacred Apples                                                               
Mohammed Yahaya                                   
Vol 1: ISBN 9783862888573. Linguistics Edition 113. 658pp. 2018. 
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