Roma 04: Roma: Past, present, future

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Roma: Past, present, future
Hristo Kyuchukov, Elena Marushiakova & Vesselin Popov (eds.)
Volume 4 of the Roma series contents a collection of papers presented at the Annual Conference of Gypsy Lore Society, which took place in Chisinau, Moldova.
The papers are from all scientific areas of Romani studies: history, anthropology, linguistics, education, and musicology. The specificity of this volume is that first time the researchers from East European countries are well represented.  Established experts in the field, together with young scholars presented their research findings at the highest forum of Romani studies. Researchers from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Russia, together with researchers from Cyprus, England, Finland, Italy, Norway, and Turkey reported their findings. Their reports are edited in this volume.
The volume could be useful for young researchers, scientists and anyone interested in the field of Romani Studies.
Maria Gloria Tumminelli:
The Anti-Gypsy Legislation of the Duchy of Milan in the Early Modern Age [1]
Марианна Смирнова-Сеславинская:
Формированиестарожильческогоцыганского населения и его интеграция в сословную систему Росссии в ХVII-ХVIII вв. [2]
Viorel Achim:
Gypsies Speak. An analysis of the petitions of the Gypsy slaves in the Romanian principalities, c. 1835-c. 1855  [3]
Emine Dingeç:
About the Gypsy Perception in Ottoman Empire [4]
Elena Marushiakova and Vesselin Popov:
Gypsy Guilds (Esnafs) on the Balkans [5]
Danijel Vojak and Filip Tomić:
The Stance of the Authorities and Public in the Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia towards the Roma Populations during the First World War  [6]
Hristo Kyuchukov:
Oral history of Tatar Roma of Bulgaria [7]
Yana Moroz
God's Miracles in the Narratives of one Protestant Romani Society in Sofia  [8]
Adrian-Nicolae Furtuna:
Cultural Mnemonics of the Romanian Roma’s Deportation to Transnistria  [9]
Aleksandr Chernykh:
Gold in Customs and Rituals of the Kelderari Roma  [10]
Dmitriy Vaiman and Aleksandr Chernykh:
Roma Communities in Perm Krai: Historical and Ethnical Aspects  [11]
Sofiya Zahova:
Marriage Age and Early Marriages among Romani Girls in Bulgaria [12]
Kai Viljami Åberg:
Research Concerning Romani Music in Finland: In the Spirit of Romantism or Constructing Reality [13]
Sarah Cemlyn and Andrew Ryder:
The Gypsy Industry and Ivory Towers: Avoiding Managerialism and Academic Elitism  [14]
Riccardo Armillei:
Governance of the ‘Camps System’ in Rome during the ‘Nomad Emergency’  [15]
Csaba Fényes:
Treating Discrimination in Roma Education Policies  [16]
Jakob Wiedner:
Norwegian Romani – a Language on its Own? [17]
Pavel Kubaník:
Using Romani in Language Socialization in a Czech Rom Family  [18]
Helen Kyratji and Chryso Pelekani:
The Linguistic Profile of Turkish Speaking People in Cyprus: Case Studies of Turkish Speaking Children Living in a Cypriot Neighborhood at the City of Limassol, Cyprus  [19]
ISBN 9783862887361. Roma 04. 266pp. 2016. 

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