LE 108: Fundamentals of language production and apperception

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Fundamentals of language production and apperception
Göran Hammarström
Linguistic accounts traditionally deal with language seen as a system and with texts seen as things produced. The author attempts to make this traditional account more complete and coherent when he places the language details and their relationships on five levels, α -  ε. The relevant parts of this comprehensive account are used for the detailed description of the five links of the speech chain and the writing chain. The activities of the language users are accounted for in more detail than in other publications. How does a speaker construct his utterances? How does a hearer understand them? How does a writer construct his written text? How does a reader understand it? The viewpoints needed for this description are seen as evaluation, assumption, accommodation, initiation and elaboration. It is discussed in detail how language is stored in the brain and how it is used when texts are produced and apperceived. The author believes that in addition to production and apperception in future research information amount and redundancy will be important.
Various speech chain models and sentence meaning types are dealt with. Pragmatics is discussed in a critical way.
The new ideas on how speakers construct their sentences starting from unclear concepts and using elaboration have given the author the incentive to add a section containing new viewpoints on the original stages of human language. Not only the developed brain but also the good hands of humans are the important preconditions for creating language.
ISBN 9783862887118. Linguistics Edition 108. 78pp. 2016.
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