LE 102: Language, Literature & Communication in a Dynamic World. Vol I

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Language, Literature & Communication in a Dynamic World. Vol I
A Festschrift for Chinyere Ohiri-Aniche
Ozo-mekuri Ndimele (ed.)
University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria
This book is devoted to honour Professor (Mrs.) Chinyere Ohiri-Aniche – a living legend in the study of linguistics, language, curriculum development in Nigeria. This is the first time a female Nigerian linguist is honoured in this special way, which shows how Professor (Mrs.) Ohiri-Aniche is cherished by her contemporaries and her students (both past and present).
The book contains sixty-two (62) papers addressing various aspects of Nigerian linguistics, literatures, cultures and communications generally. The first set of papers addressed the main theme of this project. We have also included a number of other papers addressing related phenomena to the theme of the book. The main reason for doing this is not just to allow a good number of other interesting papers a chance to be featured, but to cater for other interests of readers beyond the theme of the book.
The subject-matters covered in this book, include sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, literature, and gender studies in Nigeria.
The book is a must read for any person interested to know what progress has been made in the study of linguistics, languages, literatures and cultures in Nigeria.
Table of Contents.Vol. I:
  1. Language in Education in Delta State: The Issues, Problems & Prospects      
-Rose Oro Aziza
  1. Languages in Contact: English and Hausa in Focus                                                        
-Samaila Mohammed Mijinyawa & Upah Butari Nahum
  1. Issues on Language & Instructional Communication in the Contemporary World                                                                                                
-M. Adegbite & T.O. Adesanmi
  1. Indigenous Languages & Rebranding the Nigeria Project                                              
-Ataisi Emiya Gladday & Blessings Vic-Jumbo
  1. Language Conflict and Resolution in Spain: Lessons for Nigeria                                 
-Purity Ada Uchechukwu
  1. Language Endangerment and Documentation                                                       
-M.T. Lyam-Yisa
  1. The Need for a Viable Language Policy in the Nigeria Educational System   
-Yemi Ogunsiji & David O. Fakeye
  1. The Universality of Colour Terms: The Example of Jukun                                            
-Upah Butari Nahum
  1. An Applied Linguistic Response to Human Trafficking                                     
-Appolonia Okwudishu
  1. Arabic Education & the Imperative of Open & Distance Learning in Contemporary Nigeria                                                                                                 
-Abdul KabeerTihamiyu Otunuyi
  1. Creating Strategic Readers through Vocabulary Instruction                             
-Hanna Onyi Yusuf & Ramlatu Jibir Daura
  1. Awareness of Nigerian Languages Websites among University of  Nigeria, Aba Campus students                                                                               
-P.A. Matęmilola
  1. Igbo Health Terminology Research: Gynecology/Obstetrics                            
-Cookey Scholastica Ahiazunwa
  1. Creating Obstetrical & Gynaecological Terms in Igbo: Anomalies of  the Female Genital Tract & Procedural Details of Delivery                               
-Chidinma Okeogu
  1. The Essence & Efficacy of Persuasive Political Language within the Nigeria’s Political Terrain                                                                           
-Garba Dahiru Gandu
  1. The Role of Colonial Government in Hausa Literary Production                                
                        -Aliyah Adamu Ahmad
  1. The Teacher’s Role in the Effective Delivery of the Reviewed Nigerian Language Curriculum for Basic Education                                                          
-Nkechi Adiele
  1. Terminology: A Tool Kit for a more Result-oriented Science & Mathematics Teaching in Nigeria                                                                                                 
-Bem P. Ianna
  1. Language and Culture in Translation                                                                                
-Chukwuma O. Okeke
  1. The Implications of Culture in Translation                                                          
-Pat. N. Ijioma
  1. Web-Based Approach to French Language Learning: A Timely Response to our Changing World                                                                          
-Jeremiah Felix Nwachukwu
  1. A Dialogic View of President Obasanjo’s Utterances                                        
-Al-Amin Adamu Abdullahi
  1. Modern Public Relations and the Supremacy of Public Opinion                                 
-Obiageli Pauline Ohiagu
  1. Ethnography of Communication: A Case of Kola Nut Breaking in Umuchu Town General Meeting                                                                            
-Aloysius Umeodinka
  1. Question and Power in Nigerian Courtroom Discourse                                      
-Farinde Raifu Olanrewaju
  1. Northern Nigerian Women’s Struggle with Proficiency in the English Language: Considering Socio-Cultural Perspectives to Literacy as a Remedy  
-Phebe Veronica Jatau
  1. Name Change in Igbo: A Semantic and Ethnolinguistic Investigation             
-Osita Gerald Nwagbo
  1. Proverbs and the Management of Conflicts                                                                    
-Emuobonuvie M. Ajiboye
  1. The Semantic and Anthropological Values of Tiv Anthroponomastics                      
-Akase Tiav T.
  1. The Responsibility of Academics towards Promoting Nigerian Languages for Sustainable National Development                                                         
-Wale Adegbite
  1. Shift from Bilingualism to Monolingualism: Implications for the Young Generation                                                                                                    
-Sheila I. Njemanze

     32.        Gender Myths and Socio-Semiotics: A Differentiation in Body Talk between the Male and Female    


-Ibiere Ken-Maduako


     33. A Pragmatic Analysis of Actions in Krisagbedo’s … A Darkling Plain                      

-Ndubuisi Ogbonna Ahamefula


Vol. I: ISBN 9783862886470Linguistics Edition 102. 370pp. 2015.
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