OGFAUS 15: Grammatical Relations in Javanese

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Grammatical Relations in Javanese


Grammatical relations are important issues in linguistic theories. People, including those who do not study linguistics, commonly know the terms of grammatical relations such as subject and object. But, how to identify grammatical relations in a language and whether we can use grammatical relations to explain other linguistic phenomenon such as affixation on verb. This book tries to answer these two questions.


In this book grammatical relations in Javanese are described shortly. The description is presented within the relational based view in which the notions of grammatical relations are treated as labels of relations in a network. Subjects, objects, second objects, and obliques are identified based on their sintactic characteristics. Three grammatical relations-changing processes: passive, applicative and causative are also described. The analysis shows that some of the affixations on verb can be explained through the grammatical relation-changing processes.


This book is presented in a simple way so that it is easy to understand. The prior knowledge of linguistics is barely necessary to understand this book. This book is suitable for the undergraduate students of linguistics to broaden their knowledge on syntax.


ISBN 9783862886395. Outstanding grammars from Australia 15. 86pp. 2015.

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