LSCOM 10: The epitaphs of Gregory of Nazianzus: a stylistic approach

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The epitaphs of Gregory  of Nazianzus: a stylistic approach

Georgios Alexandropoulos
University of Athens

Georgios Alexandropoulos examines the rhetorical style of the epitaphs of Gregory of Nazianzus through the application of contemporary linguistic theories, models and mechanisms in classical texts. In this book the author defines the style of the certain speeches focusing on elements as the most frequent words, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, exclamatory sentences, lexical bundles, rhetorical relations and intertextuality. This book is structured in six chapters.

Chapter 1 includes a brief overview of relevant stylistic, discourse and corpus-based approaches; it also presents the data and our methodology. Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5 describe the data and inform us about the linguistic practice of Gregory of Nazianzus. Finally, the book closes with a critical review, some concluding remarks and recommendations for further research.

ISBN 9783862885985. LINCOM Studies in Communication 10. 180pp. 2014.

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