LINGram 184: Simplified Grammar of the Serbian Language

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W.R. Morfill

The object of the Serbian grammer now laid before the public is to give a short account of the chief characteristics of the language. It is believed that these will be found adequately stated, although with great brevity. The grammatical forms in this little work are treated in such a way as to bring the language in harmony with those of Old Slavonic, its eldest surviving sister tongue. It is only upon such principles that they can be properly explained. In treating a language where so many dialects struggle for supremacy, it has been impossible to avoid a certain amount of inconsistency in orthography and grammatical forms, but I have taken pains that all the most prominent variations should be noted. Although the basis of this work has been the Serbian language in the stricter sense of the term, it has not been found practicable to exclude Croatisms, considering the great importance of Agram as a literary center and the merit of the authors who used that dialect.

Contents: Part I: Phonology (the alphabet, the accents, characteristics of the dialects). Part II: (the gender of substantives, declension, consonantal stems, adjectives, degrees of comparison, numerals, pronouns, the verb, prefixes, stems, the passive voice, irregular verbs, adverbs, prepositions, etc.). Part III: Syntax (the noun, the verb, Serbian reading lesson).

Re-edition. Originally published 1887 in London.

ISBN 9783862884797. LINCOM Gramatica 184. 71pp. 2014.

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