LDLL 03: Developing global citizenship competence in English Studies: A proposal of activities

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Developing global citizenship competence in English Studies: A proposal of activities

Diego Rascón Moreno, Francisco Javier Díaz Pérez, María Belén Díez Bedmar & Paola García Ramírez
Universidad de Jaén

The Dublin descriptors include the students’ “ability to integrate knowledge and handle complexity, and formulate judgements with incomplete or limited information, but that include reflecting on social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgements”. Related to this ability, the inclusion of generic global citizenship competence is considered essential in any type of degree.

The purpose of this CD is to offer a bank of activities or materials focusing on the inclusion of that competence and, consequently, on the teaching of global issues in English Studies degrees. The main objectives of global citizenship competence could be formulated as follows:

1. To be educated in certain essential values for any human being and responsible citizen
2. To acquire or reinforce critical thinking
3. To become involved in collaborative work as well as in autonomous learning
4. To become aware of the inequalities between the North and the South and of the injustices in the world
5. To reflect upon each individual’s responsibility and action possibilities

Taking what has been said above into consideration, the activities focus on global issues such as world hunger and poverty, the Millennium Development Goals, environmental issues, health issues, Fair Trade, gender equality, human rights, racism, peace education, cultural and ethnic diversity, LGTB rights, or respect for minorities. The organization of the CD has been determined by types of courses or subjects (Use of English, Linguistics, Postcolonial Literature and Translation).

ISBN 9783862883615. LINCOM Digital Language Library 03. 1 CD. 2012.

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