LIOR 64: Initia Amharica. An Introduction to Spoken Amharic

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Initia Amharica. An Introduction to Spoken Amharic

Part II: English-Amharic Vocabulary with Phrases

C.H. Armbruster

The words and phrases in this work have been taken down from the mouth of natives. As many as possible of the phrases are such as have been said spontaneously, i.e. are not the product of cross-examination. The Abyssian, […] does not always speak naturally when questioned by a stranger. […] In any case it is of course incompatible with the position of the white man that natives should address him in the style in which they address one another. I have, therefore, paid more attention to what I have heard natives say to each other than to what they have said to me, and have not excluded words or modes of expression on account of their so-called vulgarity: the object in view being to give some description not so much of what, in the opinion of learned Europeans and natives, Abyssinians ought to say as of what in point of fact they say (Adapted from the preface).

Contents: Preface, abbreviations, use of brackets and hypens, note on Phonology, English-Amharric vocabulary, addenda, appendix A. Principal parts of verbs, appendix B. Grammatical note, appendix C. not on Guidi's review of part I (Re-edition, originally published 1910, Cambridge.Written in English).

ISBN 9783862881741. LINCOM Orientalia 64. 532pp. 2011.

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