Lfc 25: The Hittite Language of Boghaz Keui

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The Hittite Language of Boghaz Keui

A.H. Sayce

In the case of an unknown language the first requisite of scientific decipherment is the absence of philological theory. When we have satisfactorily deciphered the language we can compare it with other languages and determine its philological connexions, but the decipherment must come first. […] As far back as 1907, in my article on the “Cuneiform Tablet from Yuzgat”, I had already sketched the outlines of the nominal declension and verbal conjugation in Hittite and identified the chief personal and demonstrative pronouns.

But my materials were scanty, consisting only of the mutilated “Yuzgat” tablet and the two Arzawan letters, and my sketch of the grammar can now be enlarged and corrected (adapted from the introductory chapter). (re-edition. Originally published in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society in 1925. Written in English).

ISBN 9783862881574. LINCOM facimile collection 25. 40pp. 2011.

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