LINGram 148: An Outline of Anglo-Saxon Grammar

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An Outline of Anglo-Saxon Grammar

James W Bright

The following outline of Anglo-Saxon Grammar is restricted to the West-Saxon Dialect, that form of the language which in the reign of Alfred the Great (871-901) became dominant for literary purposes and maintained that supremacy to the close of the Anglo-Saxon period. The changes which took place within the West-Saxon Dialect, though slight in respect of phonology and inflection, make it necessary to distinguish Early West-Saxon, the language of Alfred's time, from Late West-Saxon, the language of the following two and a half centuries, with Ælfric (died between 1020 and 1025 as the central literary figure.

In this outline EWS is regarded as the norm to which LWS is subordinated. Contents: Grammar (Phonology, inflection (declension, conjugation). (re-edition; originally published London, 1906).

ISBN 9783862881512. LINCOM Gramatica 148. 80pp. 2011.

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