LINAm 24: Dictionary of the Klamath Language

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Dictionary of the Klamath Language

Klamath - English

Contribution to North American Ethnology
Vol. II, Part II.

Albert Samuel Gatschet

The present Dictionary contains the lexical portion of an Oregonian language never before reduced to writing. The Klamath or Máklaks language is spoken in two dialects, that of the Klamath Lake Indians, or É-ukshikni, and that of teh Modocs. No obstacle prevented the gathering of the terms of bot dialects into one and the same word-list, because the dialects differ but slightly, though more in their lexical than in their grammatic forms.

But aside from these minor discrepancies of speech, it would be wrong to suppose that the langauge of the Klamath Lake Indians, or that of the Modoc Indians is entirely homogenous within itself. Every class or cluster, band or setlement of Indians has a few terms peculiar to itself, or some words used in other accceptations than observed among its neighbors (re-edition; originally published 1890, Washington, written in English).

ISBN 9783862881406. LINCOM Americana 24. 720pp. 2012.

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