LSAL 84: Encoding Emotions in African Languages

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Encoding Emotions in African Languages

Gian Claudio Batic

Department of African Studies
University of Naples "L'Orientale"

This edited book deals with the linguistic encoding of emotions in the following African languages: the Bantu-Botatwe group, Wolof, Dogon, Hausa, Igbo, Nigerian English Pidgin, Tupuri, and Akan. The contributions included in the volume present a variety of approaches and research perspectives ranging from historical linguistics and ethnoliniguistics to cultural-cognitive and discourse analysis. Each chapter develops a different topic discussing it in detail and from (what we believe to be) an original standpoint.


1. Affect in Ancient Africa: Historical Linguistics and the Challenge of 'Emotion Talk’, Karthryn M. de Luna - 2. From Body to Emotion in Wolof: a Phraseology Process, Olivier Bondéelle - 3. Structural Correlates of ‘liver’ Expressions in Dogon Emotional Vocabulary, Laura McPherson and Kirill Prokhorov - 4. Emotions, Colours and Qualities: an Overview of Hausa Ideophones, Sergio Baldi - 5. The Syntax and Semantics of Igbo Verbs of Emotion, Maduabuchi Agbo - 6. Nigerian Pidgin and the Construction of Emotions in Clinical Encounters, Akin Odebunmi - 7. Fear as a Factor in Including Outsiders among the Tupuri (Chad), Elisa Fiorio - 8. Emotion Language in Akan: the Case of Anger, Gladys Nyarko Ansah - 9. Love Encoding in Hausa: Sources and Conceptual Models, Gian Claudio Batic.

ISBN 9783862880492. LINCOM Studies in African Languages 84. 160pp. 2011.

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