LSAL 83: Temne Phonology and Morphology

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Temne Phonology and Morphology

M. Sorie Yillah

University of Tabuk

Temne is a southern West Atlantic language which is spoken in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. The aim of this study is primarily descriptive: to provide a systematic account of the sounds and forms of the language.

Chapter 1 presents a general introduction to the segmental phonology of Temne. Chapter 2 examines the morphophonology of the specifier system of the noun phrase and provides a new classification of the singular / plural, definite / indefinite pairings. In Chapter 3, the pronominal system and in Chapter 4, Numerals, Prepositions, and Adverbials are discussed. In Chapter 5 the verbal complex is examined. Although this study does not contain an explicit tonology chapter, the author deals with tone rules throughout whenever they shed light on phonological or morphological processes, e.g., the reattachment of the tones of deleted segments. The tone is always marked.

ISBN 9783862880485. LINCOM Studies in African Linguistics 83. 211pp. 2011.

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