LSIEL 37: Comparative Graeco-Latin Sentence Syntax in view of the European Context

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Comparative Graeco-Latin Sentence Syntax in view of the European Context

Antonín Bartoněk
Masaryk University

In spite of many studies dealing with the individual Greek and Latin syntactical topics, a systematic comparative Graeco-Latin sentence syntax has remained without any global analysis so far. That is why the author started research into this area several years ago, aiming at a comparative analysis of the Greek and Latin dependent clauses, i.e. i) the subject/object clauses, ii) the adverbial clauses, and iii) the relative clauses, including their nominal equivalents such as infinitives, participles (L/G), as well as gerundia, gerundiva and supina I/II (L).

At the same time, he was dealing with a number of modern European languages, both Romance and Germanic, in comparison with Latin and its tradition, and the Slavonic languages predominantly in comparison with Ancient Greek (and Old Church Slavonic). The „didactic“ background of this activity was reflected in more than 550 selected sentences (ca. 300 Greek, some 260 in Latin) for practical language drill. – In 2008, A. Bartoněk published his Czech version of the present Comparative Syntax, dealing with all the above-said constructions, while analysing also the problems of both the deontic and epistemic sentence modality.

ISBN 9783862880034. LINCOM Studies in Indo-European Linguistics 37. 160pp. 2010.

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