LCL 26: Teaching Sociolinguistics

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Teaching Sociolinguistics
Smita Joseph
The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India
Teaching Sociolinguistics is an introductory level 1 textbook in sociolinguistics. The textbook comprises sixteen units. The organization of the textbook into sixteen units has been done thematically so that the learners are able to access the key topics in a coherent way. Each unit focuses on a theme and the various subthemes within it. Every topic is discussed through case studies in English and Indian languages. The units are self-explanatory. The writing style is personalised, inclusive and learner-oriented. There are no jargons used in the text. Every unit has activities for discussion. Some of these activities are open-ended. Every section is followed by a review question, the answers to which are discussed at the end of the unit. The textbook discusses the following terms, which are also the key terms: variable, variant, lexical variation, phonological variation, morphological variation, syntactic variation, linguistic politeness, style, regional dialect, social dialect, gender, social class, social network, communities of practice, language contact, multilingualism, language attitudes, speech community and research methods. The textbook can be used by young researchers and also students from the area of linguistics. Since this is a standalone textbook that requires no prerequisites, students from other disciplines can also use it and extend the applications in their respective fields.
ISBN 9783969390955. LINCOM Coursebooks in Linguistics 26. 182pp. 2022.
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