Roma 09: Romani History and Culture

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Romani History and Culture
Festschrift in Honour of Prof. Dr. Veselin Popov
Hristo Kyuchukov, Sofiya Zahova & Ian Dumunica (eds.)
The new volume of the Roma series entitled “Romani History and Culture” is a Festschrift in Honour of Prof. Dr. Veselin Popov. Experts from different scientific fields doing research on Roma history and culture present the newest findings in this volume. The editors of the volume are Hristo Kyuchukov, Sofiya Zahova and Ian Dumunica.
Hristo Kyuchukov
Life and work of Veselin Popov
Ion Duminica
Gypsy Slavery in the Medieval Moldavian Historical Documentary Sources
Julieta Rotaru
Considerations about the ‘Turkish Gypsies’ as Crypto-Muslims in Wallachia
Egemen Yılgür
Turkoman Gypsies in the Balkans: Just a Preferred Identity or More?
Emine Dingeç
Horse-dealers in the Ottoman State
Dragoljub Acković
Roma in Serbia during the “Great War”
Sofiya Zahova
Romani Activism in Interwar Yugoslavia
Valdemar Kalinin
Romani women in battles against fascism in Soviet Union (1941-1945)
Tamás Hajnáczky
Hungarian Gypsy Musician’s National Federation 1935–1940
Gheorghe Fieraru
The Deportation of the Roma from Romania to Transnistria
Viktor Shapoval
The Editor as a Co-author
Hristo Kyuchukov
The Roma Family’s Oral Culture and Folklore and Language Acquisition by Children
Zoran Lapov
Roma, Schooling, and Language Valorisation in Italy: Intercultural Experiences from Florence
Tomasz Kamusella
Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and Anti-Romism in the Concept of Polish literature
Sanja Zlatanović
An Experience of (Not)belonging: Džorevci in Bulgaria
Kai Viljami Åberg
On Multi-Musicality – Collaborative Fieldwork via Musicality Among the Roma in Finland and Elsewhere
Marcos Toyansk
Romani Stateless Diaspora: Multiple Homelands, Mobility Inequality and Precarious Citizenship
Lilyana Kovatcheva
Relations between Bulgarians and Roma community in Bulgaria


ISBN 9783969390719. Roma 09. 330pp.  2021.
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