LSG 02: Essentials of Georgian Grammar

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Essentials of Georgian Grammar

With Conjugation Tables of
250 Most Commonly Used Verbs

Shorena Kurtsikidze
University of California, Berkeley

Essentials of Georgian Grammar is a student-tested basic grammar book for both beginner and intermediate level students. The book is organized as a 50-lesson course, each lesson designed for a 3-hour per-week study. Each lesson is structured in a way that makes it easy for a student to gradually advance from simpler to more complex material. Students who already have some familiarity with the Georgian language will find it helpful to practice the beginning lessons and then follow the order of the book chapters starting from the new material. The book can be used for the classroom instruction or for self-study. The structure of the book is useful for teachers as well as for individual students since it has been classroom-tested for several years. The book covers all the essentials of Georgian grammar. Teachers can simply follow the order and use their own additional exercises or materials as needed.

The explanations of grammatical rules are maximally simple and short. Therefore, anyone who knows elementary grammatical terminology should be able to understand it. The book contains useful exercises, thematic vocabularies, and reading texts. In the Appendix of the book, there are conjugation tables of 250 most commonly used Georgian verbs. This is the first time these types of tables have been introduced in a Georgian grammar course, making it very easy for the student to learn the major tense formation rules in Georgian. This model proved to be the most effective way to learn the conjugation patterns of the Georgian verb. After completing the course, the student will be able to read, write, and speak in Georgian. The book provides the basic background and gives the student an opportunity to pursue advanced studies in the Georgian language.

The author holds a Doctorate in Cultural Anthropology from the Institute of History and Ethnology of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. Her professional interests include Linguistic and Applied Anthropology, Ethnography, and Folklore. She has done extensive fieldwork in the Caucasus and India. The author was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. She has taught the "Georgian Language and Culture" course at the Department of Near Eastern Studies and at the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures for both beginner and intermediate level students.

ISBN 9783895869976. Lincom Student Grammars 02. 463pp. 2006. Course and students' dicounts available!

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