LIOR 39: A Brief Account of Malayalam Phonetics

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A Brief Account of Malayalam Phonetics

L.V.R. Aiyar

I give below a list of the International Phonetic Association symbols that I have requisioned for the following concise discussion of the phonetic habits of the Malayalam language. The symbols below represent the sounds occuring in the pronuciation of the people of the Cochin State, which, situated as it is right in the central portion of Malabar or the Malayalam speaking land, has a great degree preserved the true Malayalam sounds free from contamination of the Kannada or Kanarese influence in the north and Tamil in the south (from the preface)

(Re-edition; originally published 1927 in London; written in English).

ISBN 9783862901272. LINCOM Orientalia 39. 36pp. 2013.

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